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Salutem Oil on Mitral Valve Prolapse, Nasal Polyp and Allergic Rhinitis

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Salutem Oil on Mitral Valve Prolapse, Nasal Polyp and Allergic Rhinitis

Another satisfied Salutem Oil user that had enjoyed the health benefit of taking our health supplements. First he took Salutem Oil. Then he is taking Eximius Oil as his maintenance. Here's our conversation translated to English language:

User: My illness are: Mitral valve prolapse at heart, Nasal polyp at left nose, Allergic rhinitis.

Regarding my heart, I am having a hard time breathing when trekking. The worst that had happened was, I almost fainted when I climbed a mountain.

Regarding my rhinitis, I am having a hard time breathing when there is someone smoking, when there's smell of perfume or dust.

Me: Ah I see. Sir are you sure you are going to go trekking? It's okay but you can not get tired.

User: Before I do trekking, even if I was diagnosed with MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse) on 2009. But now, I can't do it anymore.

Soon, we got feedbacks from him regarding his health improvement.

He says,

The time I ordered Salutem from you, I was very week. I felt that I have no chance to live. When I walk, I felt that my surroundings was so cold. I also sent a text message to you that I plan to pick the package up on LBC courier because it still hadn't arrived. Then the courier arrived. I was so weak. My illness is so complicated, and I was so hard-headed. I shouldn't be mountain climbing, but I still did. So when I came home, I took only 1 teaspoon. Later I noticed that there's something different. But it took me 4 to 5 days to recover because my immune system is so weak that time. Because mine is heart issue.

... I've been to 3 doctors but there's no cure.

... You are right mam. I've been medicated since 2009. And yet my condition was worsen. But when I try Salutem and Eximius, wow there's relief.

Good morning Mam Marilou. I will buy Salutem again. Later I will send (money) to Palawan. Thanks. I am feeling good mam. I am not that weak anymore, and I can do walkings during the morning.

Mam I only took 5 ml once a day. I do not have allergy anymore. It's already manageable. Just 1 order of Salutem only.

I hadn't have a follow-up check up regarding my nasal polyp. But I am better now compare to before. And I do not get tired easily now.

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