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TCells Breathe Oxygen Personal Diffuser

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Let us be protected daily from airborne viruses with TCells Breathe Oxygen Personal Diffuser!

What is TCells Breathe Oxygen Personal Diffuser?

TCells Breathe Oxygen Personal Diffuser is a modern aromatherapy vape that can help fight the airborne viruses that may enter our body. This is a breakthrough technology designed to protect us with its antibacterial essential lauric acid oil with prebiotic properties exposed. With its antibacterial vapor, this product can collide, engage, and neutralize the airborne bacteria and viruses as quick as lightning speed. This is our 2nd level protection against airborne viruses.

What is the meaning of “2nd level protection”?

We wear our face mask, face shield, and uses alcohol and sanitizer to protect us from bacteria and viruses that can spread through airborne, especially now that we consider our year as “pandemic time”. These may not be enough. We need an additional protection, that we purify our insides.

Who should use TCells Breathe Oxygen Personal Diffuser?

People who are suffering from difficulty of breathing like those person under investigation, or people who are having respiratory problem, they have noticed one thing: Rapid increase of oxygen level in a matter of minutes! This has been validated through an oxygen meter device.

Is TCells safe to use?

Laboratory test results shows how safe the product is for children and seniors:
  • No heavy metals
  • No Vitamin E
  • No CBD Oil
  • 100% organic components
  • 1st of its kind to have these antibacterial, anti-parasitic, and prebiotic properties exposed
  • Patented processes: Fermented (from pH 7.00 down to pH4.90 and back to normal pH level after fermentation)
  • 1st of its kind to have eliminated the surface thin layer film that exposes the inactive but essential molecules
  • 1st of its kind to withstand the heat without worrying the carcinogen effects.



-- Put 1 ml to the glass tube -- 

For Daily Protection: Take a total of 12 to 24 inhalations per day, depending on how socially active the user is.

For Individuals With Breathing Problems: Take 4 to 8 inhalations every 7 to 12 minutes until discomfort soothes.

For Mild and Severe Case of Covid: Take at least 30 inhalations in the morning, 30 in the afternoon, and 30 in the evening. Continue for 4 to 7 days. Expect a negative result.


Nebulizer - Put 2 ml in the nebulizer.

Tuob - Place 2 ml and blend in 500 ml water for traditional water heating.

* Best after complying with medicines prescribed by the doctor.

TCells Breathe Oxygen Personal Diffuser Prior To Swab Testing:

Take 40 inhalations prior to swab testing.

TuksCells Breathe Oxygen Personal Diffuser

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