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Effects of Chronic Hepatitis B And How To Treat It With TCells Liposomal Oil With Vitamin C

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Effects of Chronic Hepatitis B And How To Treat It With TCells Liposomal Oil With Vitamin C

To others, having hepatitis B makes them hard to look for a job. But to others, hepatitis B affects their daily life. We got a feedback from someone in Papua New Guinea. He has hepatitis B since he was 15 years old. And now that he is 43 years old, his condition got worse. He is suffering from hepatitis B, from waking up to walking. 

He feels the following:
  • Feels pain in the right side of his stomach.
  • Feels tight when eating food.
  • Too weak to do  normal things.
  • Too tired to wake up.
  • Muscle fatigue and joint pain.
  • Headache.
  • Low oxygen on the blood.
But after taking TCells Liposomal Oil with Vitamin C, his health has improved a lot! For just within 3 days, the pain has gone down. He can eat a little more compare to before. He also wakes up earlier. And after some more days, he started to walk and exercises. He has more energy. He can now eat a full meal. 

We believe that his health will continuously improve with the help of TCells Liposomal Oil with Vitamin C.

Here is our conversation:

User: Hello there. I need help on TCells Liposomal Vitamin C Oil. I am from PNG (Papua New Guinea). My name is ------. 

Me: Hi. I have a partner in Papua New Guinea that can help you.

User: I know I got this oil from him for chronic hepatitis B. Is this the right oil I should be taking?

Me: Is your hepatitis too high? Do you feel pain?

User: Yes, I had it since I was 15. Now I am 43. I feel pain in my right side and feel tight when eating. Just too weak to do normal things. Muscle fatigue and joint and headache sometimes.


Me: Within 3 days, did you feel lesser pain in your right side?

User: I realized I am waking up earlier than I used to. I am too tired to wake up before. I am eating a bit more now. Pain has gone down. Little pain still there. 

User: I also have low oxygen in the blood and muscle fatigue. Is this going to be fix as well?



Me: What about you? How are you now?

User: Feeling great. Started walking, doing exercise. Feel more energetic. Sometimes I feel acid reflux and drink more water. But I believe its all process of healing.

Me: That's great!

User: Ok. But my dad has his veins enlarged.

Me: Make him take TCells.

User: I usually feel full when I eat little but now I can eat full meal without any problems.


If you are in Papua New Guinea and want to purchase our products, we have a Papua New Guinea agent that can help you. 

If you know anyone who have a health problem, even those who have very serious illnesses, do refer our product to them. 


Testimonial from the patient of:

Andres Soriano
JRHoldings Gumur, Kokopo, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea
Contact No. 675 70388891

If you are from Papua New Guinea, you can contact him for assistance about our supplement.


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