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Colon Polyp Treated with Salutem Oil

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Colon Polyp Treated with Salutem Oil

There are so many reasons why a person has a problem with their bowel movement. And one of those reasons can be because of colon polyp. I met someone who was diagnosed with colon polyp. And she is willing to share her testimonial on how she solved her colon polyp problem with Salutem Oil.

Here is her feedback, translated to English language.

This is a real story, no joke. You're right. Going to the doctor is costly. That time, colonoscopy costs 20,000 php (Philippine Pesos). I do not have 20k that time. That's why at that time, it felt like "bye bye Philippines" hahaha 

This is my experience on Salutem. December 2017, it's already been 3 weeks since I had my last bowel movement. I am not able to eat properly. I do not have strength anymore. I am just always lying down on the bed. I felt like I won't make it to year 2018 because we still do not have money for my operation or for my colonoscopy. If I will line up at PGH (Philippine General Hospital), I won't be able to be confined because there is schedule line-up in PGH. 

I met a family friend who introduced Salutem to me. Salutem is 10,000 php at that time.

The person who introduced Salutem said that it is effective, that it can melt tumor.

I just bought Salutem and believe on the product.

Her advice to me, money will come back. But life, can't.

I had megadose of Salutem for two weeks.

Then I also take herbal supplement that can help in releasing bowel.

Just a few days of taking Salutem, I am able to have bowel movement. My stool is color green with round shape objects.

My stool has those round shape objects with the size of a 1-Peso coin each (about 2.3 cm diameter). I do not know what that is. Maybe those are the polyps the doctor was saying.

The polyp was blocking the way of the stool that's why I my stool was not coming out even if I take those medicine and supplements available to help with bowel movement.

Starting that time, I have regular bowel movement.

That is my story.

how to treat colon polyp

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