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Salutem Oil Kidney Creatinine Bun Testimonial - Cat Patient

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Salutem Oil Kidney Creatinine Bun Testimonial - Cat Patient

Can cats take Salutem Oil? Here's a cat with a high creatinine and a high bun laboratory result. On its October 8 laboratory exam result, its creatinine was 13.6 mg/dL (normal range 0.8 - 2.4 mg/dL) and its bun was 130 mg/dL (normal range 16 - 36 mg/dL). Those results are too high. After taking Salutem Oil, just after 11 days, its creatinine decreased from 13.6 to 1.8 mg/dL, and its bun decreased from 130 to 30 mg/dL.

The veterinarian suggested that the cat should undergo dialysis. But unfortunately, there is no dialysis for cats here in the Philippines.

I would like to thank the parents (owners) of this cat for sharing the before and after laboratory results with me and allowing me to post. I am also so happy that they make their cat take Salutem Oil. I hope more cats, animals, and humans will be able to try Salutem Oil.

Salutem Oil Kidney Creatinine Bun Testimonial

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