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Salutem Oil Testimonial: Stage 4 Breast Cancer Testimonial

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Salutem Oil Testimonial: Stage 4 Breast Cancer Testimonial

First of all, I would like to thank my buyer for his non-stop referring of Salutem Oil and Eximius Oil to the people he thinks would benefit from these supplements. He's been talking to the people he meet in hospital and also his neighbors. He do this because he have someone who was helped by Eximius Oil and Salutem Oil. Again, thanks very much :)

He referred his neighbor to try Salutem Oil. I never got a feedback from his neighbor. His neighbor has breast cancer. The pain gives her sleepless nights.

One day, I asked how is his neighbor doing. He says...

"My neighbor has stage 4 breast cancer. Doesn't like to undergo chemotherapy. She came back from Hongkong. She can't sleep and is moaning because of the pain. I told her to try Salutem 15 ml 3x a day because her condition is very serious. I referred you. On her 1st day of taking Salutem, she had a good sleep. Her sister said that on the 1st week, she went to SM Mall alone. On the 4th week, she go to Samar. Then on the 5th to 8th week she travelled to Cebu. Your Salutem seems to be working great on her. Are there any dealers aside from you? Because maybe she also bought from the province because she had a long vacation. When she came back, she always cook. She's strong now."

We're very happy for her. She was taking other supplement for months and she said that it didn't do any help. And just for a day taking Salutem Oil, she felt a lot better. I hope she'll always have that normal life she's having now.

If you know someone in pain, do refer this supplement to them. Thanks.

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