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Salutem Oil Testimonial - Lack of Oxygen in Brain

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Salutem Oil Testimonial - Lack of Oxygen in Brain

He need a tank of oxygen and it becomes one of his necessity to go on with his life. Tests are done but nothing seems wrong with his health. His doctor concludes that he lacks oxygen supply on his brain/head. They decided to try Eximius Oil and Salutem Oil. They saw good result. After 2 weeks, they sent a text testimonial.

Here is their testimonial translated to English language:

"Our Uncle always have chemical laboratory check-up, and all tests show normal result. The doctor's advice is he lacks oxygen on his head. He needs an oxygen tank beside his bed. He uses his oxygen tank 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. But he always can't breathe so he's always supplied with oxygen. My brother strongly recommends to buy Eximius Miracle Oil with Salutem Oil. He's taking Eximius Oil and Salutem Oil for 2 weeks now. We didn't go back to the doctor. He has his oxygen supply 1 hour before bedtime, everyday, just to finish the supply. Before, he was just lying down on his bed, weak, can't stand up, can't eat much. But now he can clean himself up, eats properly, can now walk inside the house. He doesn't like to just always lie down on his bed. He continues to take Salutem Oil as his maintenance. And we whole family will also take it because PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. THANK YOU GOD. THANK YOU EXIMIUS MIRACLE OIL. GOD BLESS US ALL."

Additional Information: He is still taking Salutem Oil as his daily maintenance. He still have his daily oxygen supply before bedtime. He loves to roam around their garden and outside their house.

Another good news! One of them had also took Salutem Oil. The benefit to the teenage girl suffering from cyst on her reproductive system is amazing! She can now walk properly. I do not have enough information on this one, but the important thing is, she is a lot better :)

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