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Eximius Oil on Lupus with Rheumatoid Arthritis Stage 4, For Just 5 ml A Day!

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Eximius Oil on Lupus with Rheumatoid Arthritis Stage 4, For Just 5 ml A Day!

I am extremely happy with how Eximius Oil has helped my buyer on her very extreme condition. According to her, she has Lupus with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is a very serious health problem.

July 2018: On her 2nd bottle of Eximius Oil, she felt that the inflammation and the pain on her joints and muscles are lessen. She's taking Eximius Oil 5 ml 3x a day.

October 2018: She's just taking 5 ml once a day. The back of her neck is not aching anymore.

I usually ask updates from my buyers 1 to 4 weeks after they receive the oils. I ask for more updates when they purchase more, hoping to hear more good news from them.

January 2019: I got more good news! She's still taking Eximius Oil for 5 ml once a day. She is not taking any synthetic medicine. She is afraid. Here is our conversation (translated roughly in English):

Me: Mam how are you?

Buyer: About me, my joints are still stiff but there is a great difference in my strength and breathing. My back, especially my neck, has no pain when looking around. My doctor friend was surprised knowing I don't take synthetic medicines. Glad to say I look younger.

Buyer: Even though I am on a wheelchair, people who don't know me would think I don't own it. There's no trace in my face that I have lupus w/ RA.

eximius oil lupus rheumatoid arthritis

She's sharing the benefits of Eximius Oil to her family and relatives. I am glad Eximius Oil is able to help more and more people.

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