More Than 10 Years of High Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Uric Acid, SGPT SGOT Result NOW NORMAL. Liver Cysts Smaller With Salutem Oil | Eximius Miracle Oil Marketing

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More Than 10 Years of High Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Uric Acid, SGPT SGOT Result NOW NORMAL. Liver Cysts Smaller With Salutem Oil

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More Than 10 Years of High Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Uric Acid, SGPT SGOT Result NOW NORMAL. Liver Cysts Smaller With Salutem Oil

For more than 10 years, his laboratory  blood chemistry result has always been higher than the normal range. He has problem with cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, SGPT and SGOT. That is why he is not feeling well. His medications for high triglycerides, uric acid and SGPT SGOT did not make the result normal.

Someone referred him to try Salutem Oil. He got his first Salutem Oil on April 29, 2021. He had his laboratory blood chemistry exam on May 3, 2021. His cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, SGPT and SGOT result are now in normal range. That is just 4 days of taking Salutem Oil. On May 12, 2021, he had a whole abdomen ultrasound. His liver cyst has gotten smaller.

He sent us his testimonial on how Salutem Oil has improved his health condition.
I would like share my wonderful, superb and magnificent personal experience with SALUTEM. Before taking up SALUTEM, I had several cysts in my liver, moderately enlarged prostate... and high blood chemistry results eversince, like triglycerides, blood sugar, uric acid. The results of which are 3x higher than the normal upper bracket value. BUT AFTER TAKING SALUTEM FOR FOUR DAYS ONLY, I had my blood chemistry done. And to my surprise, all results are normal. Even IN MY ULTRASOUND, the sonographer said that he did not see my several cysts in my liver, but only tiny cyst. This is my testimony.
We had a chat and talked about his previous health condition and his now better him. He sent his laboratory blood chemistry results and his abdomen ultrasound results, both before and after taking Salutem Oil.

His FBS result shows higher compare to before taking Salutem Oil. I got worried. Does not seem right. But he has an explanation for that. When we talked on the phone, he said that he wanted to know what would the result be on his FBS if he drink softdrinks. 

Me: Your blood sugar got higher?

Him: My HBA1C is still normal. I drank softdrinks before my extraction.

Me: Your uric acid and sgpt sgot is now normal. But sir, the results should get lower than that. Your cholesterol and triglycerides are lower too.

Him: Those results that got lower, before those have been high for 10 years or even more. Even after taking medication for uric acid, triglycerides, SGPT...! Even when I am in America, those did not got lower. Did you see the results??? I suffered long with high level of SGPT/OT, URIC ACID TRIGLYCERIDES. My cysts are several cysts. Very long time with high level of blood chemistry results.

Me: You take (Salutem Oil) 3x a week, once for every day you take? Yes sir. So now you feel better.

Him: I am feeling the best...

Just like what the one who introduced Salutem Oil to him, he is now sharing to others about his experience on taking Salutem Oil, the benefit it gives to him.

His brother also took Salutem Oil. He is a seaman. He's been denied to go up and work on the ship because his laboratory result. When he took Salutem Oil, he got good laboratory result.

He's been spreading the words about Salutem Oil to others too, because he believes that Salutem Oil can help them.

You might know anyone who also is having problems with their uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides, SGPT SGOT or any other laboratory blood chemistry result. Please refer Salutem Oil to them to help end their suffering.

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Salutem Oil Cholesterol Triglycerides Uric Acid Liver Cyst

Salutem Oil Cholesterol Triglycerides Uric Acid SGPT SGOT

Salutem Oil Liver Cyst

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