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No More Diabetes After 1 Week Of Salutem Oil

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No More Diabetes After 1 Week Of Salutem Oil

His father's blood sugar result would always be 18 or 19. He need to have insulin 2x a day as his maintenance. But after a week of taking Salutem Oil, his blood sugar level is now normal! The wounds on his legs are also healed. We have text and FB chat conversations, and we are still continuously communicate on the health situation of his father.


They got their Salutem Oil on April 10, 2021. And on April 17, 2021, I got very good news from them. Here is our conversation:

Buyer: Mam good afternoon. Father's blood sugar is now 6.8. Before it won't even drop down to 10. Mam can Eximius Oil be use for diabetes? Just for his maintenance...

Me: Sir, when your mother said that your father's blood sugar result has dropped, when does she check, after taking insulin?

Buyer: Before taking insulin.

Me: The result is now normal and still taking insulin. It might be too much. When did he start taking insulin?

Buyer: Mam, his blood sugar result is now 6.4. He started taking insulin 2 years ago. I can't believe it, he is taking 2 years of insulin and he still becomes worse. Thank you Lord. My siblings are very happy with the health improvement of our father.

---- APRIL 20, 2021 ----

Me: Hi. Did he had his check-up with his doctor?

Buyer: No he had not yet. Yesterday he just took 5ml 3x a day. His blood sugar is 9.5. But today it is 7.4.

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His father is still taking insulin. On April 25, they gave an update that his father is now taking Salutem Oil just 10 ml once a day. And on May 3, 2021, his father is now walking without assistance.

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We are hoping to hear more health improvements from them. More updates to come.

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