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Covid19 Treated! How They Did It

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Covid19 Treated! How They Did It.

Both parents were infected with the Covid19 virus, especially the mother. She got fever and body pain. Her test result showed that she has community acquired pneumonia that is moderate risk. But now, they are treated and are with their kids. How did they do it? What are the things they did?

They eat fruits. Yes, fruits. We all know that fruits are the best. It helps make they body healthy and strong. 

The also take Salutem Oil, Liposomal Vitamin C Oil, and use Breathe Easy Personal Diffuser for treatment.

Breathe Easy is now TCells Breathe Oxygen.

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WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to know how they did it. They are telling what they took, what they did. How it had help them. 

Here's another video of them showing that they are with their kids. They are treated from the Coronavirus infection. 

These supplements can be added to current Covid19 treatments. Let us do everything to fight Covid19. Stay safe. 

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