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Salutem Oil While Chemotherapy Against Cancer

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Salutem Oil While Chemotherapy Against Cancer

Can Salutem Oil be taken while undergoing Chemotherapy? We, health supplement distributors, got that question a lot of times from people or their love ones who is under chemotherapy. We have different buyers who do take Salutem Oil or Eximius Oil while they are having chemo drug. We just don't get any written testimonial about it. Now, a buyer had updated us with how Salutem Oil has help their love one improve her health.

Before they bought, I was asking about the health condition of the person in need of help.

Buyer: Colon cancer

Me: Is she in pain?  Does she lack blood?

Buyer: Yes. She's always having gas pain, and is really anemic. Medicines were already given to her. Can Salutem Oil be taken with the medicines?

Me: Yes. Adult, right?

Buyer: Yes. 60 years old. Female.


After a month, they need some more Salutem Oil. Then I asked her about the health condition of the one taking the supplement.

Buyer: She's taking Salutem only. She's on her 2nd bottle. I want her to take Salutem first, afterwards she'll take Eximius. The expiration date is 2 years right?

Buyer: She's only taking 5 ml 3x a day. So far, her body's response is good. But I do not like to give her 10 ml yet. Maybe next time I'll increase the dosage when her body get used to the supplement. So far the write-ups are correct. Chemotherapy work together with Salutem. That's why there's a big improvement the doctor said.

If you know anyone who needs to boost their health to get ready for chemotherapy, do share Salutem Oil to them.

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