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Eximius Oil Hepatitis B HBsAg From 19 down to 16.83

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Eximius Oil Hepatitis B HBsAg From 19 down to 16.83

I have a buyer with Hepatitis B. Before taking Eximius Oil, his HBsAg is 19. He ordered a total of 6 bottles Eximius Oil and had a check up. Here's our chat messages (roughly translated to English):

Him: Just the same 16.83 count reactive. On HBsAg test.

Me: Hi. How many bottles have you taken before and after the check-up.

Him: 4. Correction, my first check up was 19. So the count is lesser. The medical technologist is monitoring my count... (messages blocked on the picture but it says: Because he says he will endorse what I am taking to others).

Then we talked about how he take Eximius Oil.

Him: 10 ml 3x a day. After meals. Eximius...

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Eximius Oil give chance to all those who thought that there's no more chance to improve their health. If you know someone who needs help, who have tried to take medicine or other supplements but didn't work, do share to them this supplement. Let's hope that Eximius Oil and Salutem Oil will do wonders to them.

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