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Breast Cancer Testimonial Using Salutem Oxygenated Oil

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Breast Cancer Testimonial Using Salutem Oxygenated Oil

Her mom is a breast cancer patient. Her mom's breast external form has already been affected by the wide spread of cancer cells. They said that they do not have any hope. But then they heard of Salutem Oxygenated Oil. Someone had told them to give this supplement a shot.

And so within just two (2) weeks of using Salutem Oil, they see good result.

Here's our conversation through text (translated to English):

Thanks mam. Update me if payment is done. How's your mom? Is she recovery continious?

Welcome mam, I will send you a text message when payment is done.

The tumor is smaller and the would is a little better.

Salutem really gives hope to make her tumor smaller.

Before her whole breast was affected by the tumor. Now it's smaller. Thanks to Salutem mam.

breast cancer testimonial using salutem oil


They started to buy Salutem Oxygenated Oil on September 2017. Then I got updates from them. Now, more updates. Here are two additional updates from them on November 2017.

November 9, 2017
Yes mam it helps. You know her tumor was so big. Now it's smaller that's why we are uper thankful to Salutem.

November 14, 2017
Mother has only wound and a few tumor. We salute Salutem mam.

salutem oil breast cancer testimonial healing

We're hoping that their mother would get better and better each day.

If you know anyone who is suffering from cancer, or any serious disease, do refer them to us. Let's give hope to them.

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