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Eximius Oil Hepatitis B Testimonial

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Eximius Oil Hepatitis B Testimonial

This is an Eximius Oil Hepatitis B testimonial of an adult. He bought 6 bottles Eximius Oil at first, and then another 6 bottles, a total of 12 bottles. After a few days of finishing all the bottles, he has an scheduled laboratory test. After those 12 bottles, his Hepatitis B count HBsAg drops down from 974.7 to 682.6!

He consumed the 12 bottles for about 24 days.

Here's our text messages (roughly converted to English):

Me: Hi. Have you had your test? How is the result?

Hepa B Patient: The hepa B reading drops. I think Salutem can solve everything.

(He's thinking of trying Salutem Oxygenated Oil for his next order).

Me: Ah that's good!!! That's very good news. Will you still continue (taking the oils)? How big is the difference of the result?

Hepa B Patient: Do you think 1 bottle of Salutem will do?

Me: hmm not sure sir. Depends on the body of the person taking. Is the difference on hepa B reading of before and now big?

Hepa B Patient: 974 becomes 682.

eximius oil hepatitis b testimonial

Here's his Before and After laboratory result. Click the image to enlarge and see the result.

[ Click here to enlarge image ]
eximius oil hepa b testimonial laboratory test

If you know anyone who is suffering from Hepatitis, please share this post to them. There is always hope.

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