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Eximius Miracle Oil Tumor Testimonial

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Here's another Eximius Miracle Oil Tumor Testimonial. Cristina Castro got this testimonial from her friend.

A guy has tumor on his nape. The tumor is getting bigger. That makes his health condition worse. He was admitted in the hospital. He also can't open his eyes because of his condition. But after taking Eximius Miracle Oil for 2 days, the doctor declared that he can go home because his health have improved. He can also open his eyes now.

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Here's the translation of their chat conversation:

Sister of Patient (SP): Tina my brother has recovered the doctor said, he can go home. A very big thanks. He had took (Eximius Miracle Oil) for only 2 days and my brother's health condition is better. I cried because of the good news.

Christine: Wow that's a good news. Thanks God and thank you for the update. He is your brother and I thought he (the one with tumor) is your father.

SP: I am really thankful to you. You didn't think twice to help us even if sister ---- that... to save my brother

Christine: You mean your brother is admitted in the hospital? What is his illness? Welcome.

SP: Yes since last May 9. The tumor on his nape is getting bigger.

Cristina: This is amusing... Hopefully this would continue (the health recovery)... Just trust in God and through the help of miracle oil

SP: Now he can open his eyes unlike before. Look.

Cristina: Really

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  1. For suspected tumor or cancer, how does one take Eximius & for how long? How about for hypertension, diabetes & hyperacidity?
    What is Salutem for and how is it taken?

    1. hi. please send your inquiry through text message or email us. My contact number is +63917-838-1337.

      my email address is luckycowshop@gmail.com


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