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Eximius Miracle Oil HIV Testimonial by his friend

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Eximius Miracle Oil HIV Testimonial

A friend of an HIV positive patient gives a testimonial about Eximius Miracle Oil.  He posted this testimonial as a comment on my Facebook Online shop.

Here's a rough translation of the text below.

"It's true.  My friend has HIV.  Just his first intake, he felt better.  His first poop is black brown and he went to urinate frequently!  And it's kind of stingy because it lessens the infection and virus for sure.  He is getting fatter lately"

eximius miracle oil hiv testimonial

Here's a more complete testimonial from his friend.  Here's another rough translation:

"Sir it's his 7th bottle tomorrow.  Just first bottle and black poop comes out.  Infection comes out with the poop for sure.  After the 7th bottle, he would be having a HIV screening test.  For sure he is already negative.  He is fatter now.  He stopped consuming but will resume.  He needs budget but amazing he gained weight and if he went outside the country to work, he will still continue (to get Eximius) from Karen.

Very strong.  He still urinate frequently with a little pain.  There are those that are being expelled if it's like that.  It's really true right?"

Year 2017, I got this document from them.

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